Tara Onion Remedy Hair + Root Revival System

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350.00 AED
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Our Onion Remedy + Root Revival System is a potent 3-step treatment ideal for thinning hair. Drug-free it soothes the scalp, boosts follicles, and thickens each hair. The kit contains a sulfate-free shampoo that deeply cleanses and preps the scalp, a conditioner that strengthens and thickens, and a serum that helps stimulate new growth.

Stimulates new growth by combining onion extract with other natural ingredients that work synergistically to amplify its effect. This powerful formula boosts microcirculation towards the follicles, which prolongs their growth cycle and provides them with more of the nutrients they need to produce strong, healthy hair.

Restores the natural balance of your scalp and provides a healthy environment for your hair to grow. The antimicrobial properties of the combined ingredients help prevent inflammation, itching and dryness.

Strengthens from root to tip. Peptides reinforce each follicle to hang onto the hair, while proteins smooth existing strands and improve their resilience. Rich in Vitamin E, our formula protects new growth against sun damage and pollution to prevent premature hair loss and ageing.

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Tara Onion Remedy Hair + Root Revival System
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